What is SEO?

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Today there are more than 1.8 billion websites.

  • How can you make sure people find your website when they search Google, Yahoo, Baidu, or Bing?
  • Your website must be trustworthy, have content responsive to the user’s request, and be well designed. All of this is covered in the world of search engine optimization (search engine optimization).
  • If you are new to search engine optimization, don’t worry.

In this post, I’m going to cover the basics of SEO (including how to define it) and give you a guide on how to do SEO yourself (for free).

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and describes the logic behind the website ranking when you search in a certain search engine (e.g. Google).

  • In short, SEO can be defined as a digital marketing strategy that can help you increase web traffic and quality.
  • The SEO optimization part is a series of steps you can take to rank higher on Google and get free organic traffic. Note that I said steps, that is, as long as you follow each of the steps (and are patient) you will see great results.
  • While it may seem boring and painful at first, SEO can be very fun and easy to implement.

The best way to understand SEO today is to break down what it means. This is how SEO is:

  • A Marketing Discipline – Understanding SEO is vital to all of your marketing efforts as it is a great way to drive traffic to your website and generate leads. and conversions. Not only do you need to write content that Google likes, but you also need to write content that will resonate with your audience.
  • A technical task: knowing the best practices for optimizing your content and website is important if you want to compete for traffic. I know the pros and cons of search engine optimization are in great demand as the ROI they provide is high
  • Exciting field – I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty amazing to me to be able to create drug content and generate leads for free. I like the ever-evolving nature of SEO and the fact that marketers like me keep reading about new algorithm changes and more.

For visual learners, here is a great and easy video that describes SEO in detail


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