The Third Wave of Covid was inevitable and did not foresee any current ferocity: Scientific Advisor to PM

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The Prime Minister’s Chief Scientific Advisor said Wednesday that given the high levels of the virus in circulation, a third wave of Covid-19 was inevitable and that they could not predict a time period. Dr. KV VijayRaghavan also admitted that experts did not anticipate the “ferocity” of the second wave that is currently sweeping the country.

The PSA said the new varieties that are now affecting humans are “fitter”, have adopted a “hit and run lifestyle” and require a new approach.

The Ministry, VijayRaghavan, said: “Phase 3 is inevitable given the high levels of virus in circulation. Vaccines compete with existing options, and new options will emerge worldwide.Hopefully gradually, but we have to prepare for new waves.

He also said previous infections and vaccinations could cause the coronavirus to mutate even more in order to survive. “So we have to be scientifically prepared to deal with it.

The PSA said so much about the reasons for the second increase that immunity to the first wave was not widespread and the lowering of the guard was responsible for it.” In 2021 something changed quite significantly. Large numbers of people around the world had become infected, and as immunity increases, a virus cannot. But apparently there are pockets in which it can happen.

He said they also believe the virus has become more efficient at transmission and health officials need to take that into account. infected people were largely asymptomatic and had a specific progression profile. Now that fewer (uninfected) people are available, he has adopted a rash lifestyle.

VijayRaghavan characterized these new variants as “fitter” viruses that are able to overcome increased host immunity. He said that as the virus adapts more it could increase or decrease the severity of the disease, but the rate of transmission will likely decrease. Vaccines compete with existing options, and new options will emerge worldwide.But variants that increase transmission are likely to stagnate; immune-evasive variants will emerge and those that decrease or increase the severity of the disease,” he said.

On what surprised her with the second wave, Vijay Raghavan said that lowering our guard gave the virus a chance to spread. “The Permanent LeveL of Immunity is often Insufficient to stop the Infection from Spreading, and many People become Infected until we reach a new Immunity Threshold. Such a second wave is typically smaller than the first, and a second wave was expected. However, several parameters can change in small amounts, resulting in a second wave that is much larger than the first. Each parameter may seem like a small change, but together the increase adds up tremendously because it is exponential.

He said the big spike also shows that first wave immunity is not widespread. However, VijayRaghavan said their results suggest that immunity can last a long time after infection.” After eight months of infection, the protection is still very high. It’s about 80%, “he said, adding,” but could it be enough to cause significant immune evasion?


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