The Nepal government closes 22 entry points with India in the wake of the rise in COVID-19

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Nepal currently has 323,187 COVID-19 cases and 3,279 deaths, but the number is growing rapidly.

Given the critical condition of COVID-19 in India, the Nepalese government decided on Saturday to close 22 border points with the country. Only 13 border points between Nepal and India remain functional.

The decision was made after the COVID Crisis Management Coordination Committee (CCMC) recommended the Council of Ministers on Friday to close 22 of a total of 35 border points between Nepal and India.

India’s COVID-19 daily has passed the four lakh milestone, according to official figures, while the death toll rose to 2:11,853, with 3,523 new deaths. This appears from the date updated by the Union Ministry of Health. Saturday.


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