Petrol-diesel price today: what has changed in the petrol-diesel price today? Check here

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Diesel, Petrol price today: The diesel ,Petrol price changes daily at 6 a.m. The new rates apply from 6 a.m. Find out what happened in your city today.

New Delhi Petrol price Diesel price today changes daily at 6am. The Government Oil Companies Indian Oil Indian Oil (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) apply the new sentences from 6 a.m. Currently, Petrol,Diesel prices for diesel have not changed in the last 13 days. Today the price of a liter of Petrol,Diesel n the state capital Delhi remains stable at 90.40 rupees. At the same time, a liter of diesel costs 80.73 rupees.Petrol became cheaper in 61 Paise in March

The Petrol and diesel prices cut three times in March, after this decrease the Petrol became cheaper by only 61 paise and the diesel prices by 60 paise per liter, while in February the Petrol prices increased in 16 installments. The price had increased by 04.74 rupees. On the other hand, if we talk about diesel, its price was up 4.52 rupees in 16 days.

Find out more about the new diesel Petrol prices in today’s major cities (Petrol price on April 28th)

  • Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 90.40 and diesel costs Rs 80.73 per liter.
  • Petrol in Mumbai costs 96.83 rupees and diesel 87.81 rupees per liter,
  • PetrolĀ in Chennai costs 92.43 rupees and diesel 85.75 rupees per liter,
  • PetrolĀ in Calcutta 90.62 rupees and diesel 83, Rs 61 per liter,
  • Petrol in Noida Rs 88.79 and diesel cost 81.19 rupees per liter,
  • Petrol in Bhopal 98.41 rupees and diesel 88.98 rupees per liter,
  • Petrol in Lucknow 88.72 rupees and diesel 81.13 rupees per liter,
  • Petrol in Bangalore 93.43 rupees and diesel 85 rupees.60 per liter.
  • Petrol in Chandigarh costs Rs 86.99 and diesel costs Rs 80.43 per liter.
  • Petrol in Patna is Rs 92.74 & Diesel is Rs 85.97 Per liter.

(Diesel Price in India)

The country’s three oil trading companies, HPCL, BPCL and IOC, are posting new diesel Rates after 6am. You can find information about the new Rates on the website.At the same time, you can check the Rates via SMS on mobile phones. You can also find out the price of diesel petrol by sending an SMS to 92249 92249.You must enterthe RSP dealer code of the fuel pump and send it to 92249 92249.

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