Pause required to break Transmission, key members of the Government’s Covid-19 task Force “Push Hard” for National Lockdown.

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“The Covid-19 Task Force has been trying to say this very aggressively over the past few weeks. We should tell the people at the top that we should have a Lockdown,” said a member of the Covid Task Force . 19th

Some members of the Covid-19 Task Force , a group of technical experts advising the central government, are “pushing” for a national shutdown, The Sunday Express has learned.

The sharp increase in cases, triggered by a contagious and possibly more deadly variant, threatens the experts to overwhelm the already fragile health infrastructure. 24 hours.

The task force is made up of experts from high-level health institutions, including AIIMS and ICMR, and has met many times during the recent surge. The advice of these experts is important as the Chair of the Task force, VK Paul, reported to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. .

Significantly, this call for a lockdown also comes when Modi emphasized in his address to the nation on April 20th that every effort must be made to avoid a lockdown.

On that day, India had reported 2.59,170 new cases and 1,761 new deaths.There were 21.5 million infections and 1.82 million deaths.Ten days later, the active fall load is 32 lakhs and the country has reported 2.11 lakhs of deaths.

“In the past few weeks, the Covid-19 Task Force has made very positive attempts. That we should tell the people at the top that we should have a closure, “said one member.” A nationwide lockdown instead of what we are doing now, piecemeal, in every state, due to the simple fact that it is spreading everywhere, “said one member.

We are looking to the end of the wrong tunnel. The health infrastructure cannot expand indefinitely oxygen supply has increased, but there is still a shortage given the drop load.It is clear that we need to reduce the cases. It’s person-to-person spread. If we can stop this for at least two weeks, we will reduce the number of cases. This will help reduce mortality and provide relief. to health infrastructure and shorten the transmission cycle, ”said one member.

Lockdown is a powerful tool and brings trouble to many sectors of society, especially the poor and the weak, including urban migrant workers, but it is “the only acceptable scientific tool to control the surge,” said another member.

Experts have identified three key factors.

First, the rampant gear can only be controlled by a lock. “When you say that there is a community broadcast, the whole idea of ​​testing, tracking and tracing is not to say that you don’t know who to track and track in so many cases. ” are all positive and you have to prevent them from coming into contact. This is a Lockdown.

Anthony Fauci, one of Covid’s most trusted voices worldwide, told The Indian Express on Friday that an “immediate” shutdown for “a few weeks” could end the transmission cycle in India. He said to take “immediate, moderate, and far-reaching” critical steps out of this “very difficult and desperate” situation.

Second, there is a “growing pent-up anger” in the medical community. “They (the doctors) ask why we are not doing anything to contain the spread. We have ambulances after ambulances in a row, patients pleading, constant lack of oxygen bottles, there is a lot of unrest among doctors. Break. Infection in between. Health services. Workers are also increasing, “said one member.

Third, the looming situation in rural India urgently needs to be addressed, experts say. “We do not know what will happen there. Forget the infrastructure for intensive care, small towns and villages are not prepared at all. In denial,” said one member. As The Indian Express reported today, they have mostly rural areas in Bihar The number of cases has increased nine to ten times compared to last year.

Some states in the country are already in some kind of lockdown mode. In most states, places where people hang out (shopping malls, gyms, movie theaters, etc.) are closed and there is a limit to the number of people who can get married. , Funerals, etc.

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