OXYGEN TANK LEAK in NASHIK hospital kills 22, CM Uddhav orders high-level inquiry

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A cork in the oxygen tank had malfunctioned which led to a reduction in tension in the air pipeline that goes into Covid wards.

At least 22 patients died at the government-run Zakir Husain hospital in Maharashtra’s Nashik district after oxygen source was changed owing to some congestion at the most important storage tank. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has arranged a high-level investigation in to the episode and also announced a payment of Rs 5 lakh per year into the kins of their deceased.

Zakir Hussain Hospital is a dedicated Covid hospital with over 150 individuals admitted. This took an hour to technicians to plug the regeneration. A cork in the air tank needed malfunctioned which led to some reduction in pressure from the air pipeline that goes into Covid wards.

“The oxygen pressure for patients onto a invasive ventilator and in intensive care unit paid down. The clinic also has informed us that 2-2 patients died,” said collector Suraj Mandhare. He said the source has now been restored and also patients ‘ are getting oxygen through the pipeline.

District officers said when the cork , oxygen began dripping from large amounts from the tank and spread throughout the chemical generating a snowy cloud of petrol. Technicians and fire brigade proved instantly named to fix the tank. “By that Point Plenty of Oxygen was Wasted. The hospital also strove to divert cylinders towards patients however ICU individuals on high flow oxygen wasn’t able to be stored,” a district official claimed.

State wellbeing minister Rajesh Tope stated,”So this kind of incident doesn’t replicate, we will prepare a SOP on management of plants and storage tankers. Oxygen is a commodity that is precious and we cannot afford to waste it. We’ll research what happened in Nashik healthcare facility.”

Congress general secretary Sachin Sawant demanded a probe into the episode. “We Require Question into¬† tragedy in Nasik’s Zakir Hussain Healthcare facility. Anybody who’s responsible must be delivered to publication. Healthcare facility is managed by Nasik business that’s below @BJP4Maharashtra principle. BJP needs to accept obligation. Which are may or & 3 BJP community MLAs? Absconding?” He tweeted.

Sawant alleged the the Nashik firm, where a healthcare facility functions, is conducted by the BJP. But, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya stated during his trip to Nashik about March 22 he had warned the civil commissioner and civil physician about the infrastructure in a medical facility.

Senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis explained,”Quite upsetting & painful news in Nashik of deaths caused to oxygenleak. My deepest condolences to family members who lost loved ones. Priority ought to be awarded to assist&shift patients. Truth will turn out after enquiry but instantaneous steps required to steer clear of these incidences in future.”

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