Noida news: Womans allegation, CMO asks for Remedesvir Injection, threatens to send to JAIL, knows the whole thing

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Noida News: Noida CMO Deepak Ohri has accused a woman of sending Remdesivir Injection to jail.


There has been an uproar about the coronavirus everywhere. During this time, reports of turmoil over the hospital, the ICU bed, oxygen, and medication keep pouring in. Meanwhile, a Timardar woman threatened to send a patient from Kovid-19 in Noida for it. Gautam Budh Nagar’s chief medical officer (CMO), Deepak Ohri, was charged on Tuesday when he returned to his office to request a remdesivir injection from Deepak Ohri. with seven and eight other people for the injection of remedisvir. These people are also looking for remedisvir and the alleged incident happened there with them.

In the video that came to light on social networks, the three women are shown begging CMO Deepak Ohri by folding their hands and laying them on to inject. After that, the woman told the media that we had come here (remedisvir) for injection and she said it would be given when available. When I said, “I’ll be back, they told me if I came back they would send me to jail.”

However, after the video went viral, the CMO or the county government did not comment on it. Explain that due to its proximity to Delhi, Gautam Budh Nagar is one of the most contiguous districts of Corona in UP.

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