lets know,How does SEO Works?

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When a user searches for a term on a search engine such as Google, they are presented with a number of websites that are relevant to the query, as well as websites with strong domain authority (including the factors described below). Continuation).

For example, if you’re looking for “chocolate cake ideas,” the best results are those that Google considers SEO best practices to be considered.

This is mainly because search engines use advanced crawlers that collect the information from each website and collect all of the content that they can find on the internet.

This creates an index for each website that is compared with the algorithm created by Google. SEO Practice

Here’s Matt Cutts from Google explaining how it all works:

Which factors influence SEO? 

Whether you want to learn more about SEO or want real ranking techniques to improve your website’s SEO, there are a number of on-site and off-site factors that Google and other search engines prefer when ranking any website.

The Google algorithm contains over 200 factors that affect the ranking of your website. The good news is that anyone can improve their website just by working on some of them.

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