King loved by luxury, in whose palace hundreds of lanterns were lit on behalf of hundreds of queens

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In the book Maharaja, which was written about Patiala Maharaj Bhupinder Singh (Patiyala), it is said that 365 lanterns are lit every day in his palace and each one has the name of a queen. The king spent time with the queen herself, who first turned off the lantern.

All over the country and the whole world, there are whimsical and colorful stories about the princes. For example, there is a name of the Maharajah of the princely state of Patiala. His Diwan Jarmani Dass wrote a book about Bhupinder Singh. This book called Maharaja mentions both his colorful humor and quirks.

Ruled for almost 4 decades After the death of Maharaja Rajinder Singh at the age of 9, Bhupinder Singh took over the leadership of the state of Patiala. However, at the age of 18, he officially took command of the state and ruled during that time. Stories of Maharaj’s colorful state of mind kept coming to the fore. Jarmani Das, the divan of his princely state, saw this moment exactly and also wrote a book about the life of Maharaj Bhupinder Singh. There has been much controversy about this book, but almost everyone agreed that Maharaj should lead a great and luxurious life.

In Scoopwup, Maharaja’s book says that the king had 5 wives, in addition, more than 300 other women knew Maharaj as queen. They had a total of 82 children from these 5 women, 53 of whom survived.

In order to preserve the beauty of the queens, Jatan Maharaj had built more than one grand palace for the queens in Patiala. These palaces had all the facilities for enjoyment and luxury. Even at a time when people were not very health conscious, Maharaj had deployed a team of local and foreign doctors to handle routine queen tests and other health issues. This team is constantly watching over the queens to keep them healthy. From queen hairstyles to nose cards to trendy and beautiful hairstyles, the chef had the help of foreign hairdressers and even plastic surgeons.

That is why the lantern was lit. The king, who has so many queens, will spend his evenings with which there was initially a slight argument between the queens, but soon Maharaj Bhupinder Singh found a way out, according to Zaramani Das. 365 lanterns were lit every day in the royal palace and each would have the name of a queen. Regardless of which lantern is turned off first, the king spends the next afternoon and evening with the same queen. People were also used to watch the lantern so they could tell which lantern went out first.

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Pool party is also mentioned

In the Maharaja book, Jarmani Das mentioned a special Bhupinder Singh party. There was a party around a pool in the palace that allowed the special people of the kings and their queens to come. He spent time with his queens in the pool. According to the book, Diwan Zaramani Das himself was part of that party. One room in the palace was called Prem Mandir, which no one could enter without the king’s permission.

The king wore a parade of diamond necklaces.

Many books are full of strange things about the King, although the truth of these things has not been ascertained. One of those Freedom at Midnight books also mentions the king. Authors Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins wrote about an annual tradition of kings wearing only one diamond necklace with no clothes on once a year. People praised him during this time, believing that only the power of Maharaj can keep people away from the forces of evil.

The opulence of the kings was enough too.

In 1926, he sent Cartier Jewelers a precious thong full of diamonds that made the Patiala necklace, one of the most valuable jewels in the world, worth $ 25 million. The seventh largest diamond in the world was embedded in this necklace. The king wore it very gracefully. Later the chain disappeared and was still in different parts. The person who made him disappear could never be found.


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