Kamala Harris arrested nurse threatening to kill, said – you’ve Got Just 50 days

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Hazards to Destroy Kamala Harris: According to a complaint filed from the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida, the nurse, Realizing everything, threatened to kill and Also physically harm the Vice President of America by February 13 to 18.


A 39-year-old nurse contrary to the state of Florida has been arrested for threatening to eliminate US Vice President Kamala Harris. In accordance with CNN’s news, Niviane Petit Phelps was arrested after an evaluation by the US Intelligence Support. According to this recorded instance, Phelps deliberately jeopardized to kill and emotionally harm the Vice President from February 13 to February 18.

Phelps is a nurse associated with the Jackson Health Program.As stated by the allegations, she sent a video into her husband, US President Joe. Used hate phrases Towards Biden along with also Vice-president Harris. She said in an movie clip,’Kamala Harris you’re getting to die. These days are now left to rely on. In another video delivered on February 18, she said,’I am likely into the gun scope. I swear to God that today is your day, you are likely to expire. It is 50 times out of now, maintain this day in writing.

According to the complaint, he’s also employed for a arms permit at February. On March 3, the trick Service and detectives went into Phelps’ household for questioning, however she refused to communicate.As per a complaint filed at the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida, the nurse, Even knowing What, threatened to Emotionally and Also harm the United States Vice President from February 13 to 18.

After this, the secret service representative of 6 March came to speak to Phelps. In the complaint lodged, Phelps said that”she had been mad if Kamla Harris became Vice President, however she has over come it”.


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