International Labor Day 2021: What was the condition of workers before Labor Day?

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On May 1 (May 1), workers of the world celebrate International Labor Day in memory of the day workers in the United States received their rights.

International Labor Day is celebrated around the world on May 1st, which began in 1886 when many of the demands of workers in America were accepted and a complete change in their work culture took place, since a day in May not only for the success of the Labor Revolution but for the interests and respect of workers around the world. It is also called Labor Day. However, their rights to exist were not easy to fulfill.

The condition of the workers in the 19th century was not very good, they had to fight a lot for their rights. On May 1, 1886, thousands of workers went on strike, whose main demand was to cut their working hours by 15 hours to 8 hours, after which he earned the respect and the right, but his one-day work was reduced to 8 hours, after which he began gradually to be celebrated as Madhubar Divas around the world on May 1st.

This strike was not easy. On May 4, there was a bomb explosion at the Haymarket in Chicago during this strike. Nobody knew about this explosion, but the police opened fire on the workers and many workers died to face the demonstrators and end the strike. Since then, anger over the strike has increased.

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The late 18th and 19th centuries were the era of the industrial revolution. During this period, the condition of workers in all the industrialized countries of the world was not good, it was used as a tool, and their treatment could not be called human. The improvement in the condition of workers around the world slowly began in the second half of the 19th century, but the May 4th incident shocked the world, after which many workers died.

In 1989, at an international meeting in Paris, it was decided to celebrate Labor Day on May 1, 1890, to commemorate the demonstration in Chicago. There were demonstrations in the United States and Europe on May 1, 1890, and then this trend began. Surprisingly, an American event helped make May 1st Labor Day. In America itself, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September.

Gradually, the situation of workers changed:

the process of changing the state of workers and celebrating the day of being in the world was not a question of a single day, in the 20th century, things were seen on the ground for workers, treated and treated as before, the condition of workers and tools was only improved to make or gain profit. In the middle of the 20th century, however, it was proven that workers are not machines and can also gain weight through their behavior like humans. Afterwards, in the 20th century, working conditions were also considerably improved through human rights demands.

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