India Covid crisis: EU envoy Ugo Astuto says robust response by Team Europe

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So far, Assistance from Romania and Ireland has reached India.

European Union envoy in Delhi Ugo Astuto said the “Europe Team” is giving a strong response by sending aid to India amid the covid pandemic. Speaking to our senior diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal, Astuto said: “The Europe team is coming together to offer its support to India at this difficult time, just as India has done the rest of the world for the past few months by exporting vaccines all over the world Welt has supported Welt.

So far, support from Romania and Ireland has arrived in India. In the next few days support will be received from Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, France, Italy, Finland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia and Poland EU – Envoy

“India has indeed pioneered vaccine donation in the region and beyond, giving examples of what global solidarity means.” This also depends on national needs. For the EU too “.


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