How long can the covid-19 vaccine last? Know what the experts are saying

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Experts have given their opinion on how long and how long the vaccine will be effective after the introduction of Corona Variant.

Currently, the second wave of coronavirus in India is not called a strike. The lockdown measures also do not reduce the number of corona infections in many states. The new Corona variants also surprised experts. Maximum emphasis is placed on vaccination. But how long the vaccine can protect the crown from infection has also raised these questions.

No Claim status

Experts are unable to make claims about how long the corona vaccine can provide protection against covid-19. You’re still studying the people who received the vaccine and seeing how effective the vaccine’s safety is. They are also investigating how effective the vaccine is against the new variants of corona and whether additional doses are required for it. Deborah Fuller, University of Washington vaccine researcher,

You also need

to investigate that the only time they have information is when you are investigating the vaccine. He said, “We need to screen people who have been vaccinated and see when people become susceptible to the virus again.”

Pfizer’s studies to date, spanning six months to a year, show that the company’s two-dose vaccine is highly effective for at least six months and is likely to be effective for a long period of time. With the Moderna Company vaccination, antiviral antibody levels are maintained for six months after the second dose.

Covid-19, Coronavirus, Vaccine, Covid Vaccine, Corona Vaccine, Corona variant Antibodies and these cells,

but antibodies don’t tell the whole story. The resistance mechanisms used to fight external viruses also have a second protective wall called B and T cells. Some of these cells are preserved even if the antibody level is low, if the same virus is present it will reappear in the future, these cells are reactivated quickly.

It’s not even clear. If T or B cells don’t stop the disease either, they make it worse, but how and for how long these commensal cells play this role in the coronavirus is not yet clear.

Covid-19, Coronavirus, Vaccine, Covid Vaccine, Corona Vaccine, Corona variant

Will the vaccine be effective for lifetime, says Kathleen Neugeil, an expert at the University of Maryland? The covid-19 vaccine will be effective for at least a year, but it may not be as effective as it is for measles. says it’s a powerful business.

New variants of the virus may also be the reason for the extra dose. Currently, all vaccines act on the corona virus spike proteins. Mehul Suthar of the Emori Vaccine Center says that if the virus becomes mutated over time, we will need to update the vaccine in order to maintain its effectiveness. So far, the vaccine has been effective in almost all variants.

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