How can I make a claim under the Coronavirus Insurance Plans?

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The claim settlement process for coronavirus health insurance (COVID-19) is similar to that for regular health insurance. With coronavirus health insurance, claims can be made in two ways, namely cashless claims and reimbursement claims. Claims can be exploited when treatment is provided in a network hospital. The reimbursement treatment center can also be used in a hospital outside the network. Read below to understand the process in detail for both:

  • Cashless ClaimsToday, all insurance companies offer cashless treatment options. The process gives you quality medical treatment without paying anything in the hospital. Keeps you relaxed even in difficult times. Treatment in a network hospital and inform the insurance company about it. After checking the details, the insurance company will settle the medical bill directly at the hospital. However, before you seek treatment and claim health insurance, make sure that you have health insurance that may or may not cover treatment related to coronavirus.
  • Reimbursement ClaimsTo be eligible for reimbursement, you must receive medical treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19) at a hospital outside the network. You will then have to pay the bills out of your own pocket upon discharge after informing the insurer. When you make a claim, the insurance company will transfer the amount to your bank account. However, the insurance company will only resolve the claim after reviewing the medical bills and other documents.


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