From missed group calls to missing photos on your own, WhatsApp offers 5 very special features ,coming soon .

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WhatsApp is testing many new features that will change the user experience. We tell you which 5 special features will soon be available on WhatsApp …

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Many changes have been made to WhatsApp since Facebook bought WhatsApp. WhatsApp adds new features to the user from time to time. Device Compatibility, WhatsApp Disappearing Photos and Read Letter (WhatsApp Read Later), WhatsApp tests many other functions. WhatsApp is currently working on some of these special features that will be added to WhatsApp soon. that will arrive on WhatsApp very soon

In this new WhatsApp feature, the user can easily archive the message. If he wants to read a message later, he can archive it and read it later. That way he won’t get any notifications about chatting again. and again.

Multi-device support:

after this feature, users can also log into WhatsApp on another device. Now users can use WhatsApp on a single device. If you log in on another device, you will be automatically logged out from before. Device.

Disappearing photos and voice memo speed:

WhatsApp Message has already started the “Disappear” feature, which automatically deletes the message received in WhatsApp within 7 days. Now WhatsApp has a similar function for the photos, on which the photos sent are automatically deleted, and WhatsApp is working to speed up the voice memo, which allows the user to increase the voice memo speed.

Instagram Roles on WhatsApp:

Now that this feature is available, users will be able to view their Instagram roles on WhatsApp as well. However, the company has not yet released any official information on this feature. According to the news, this feature will be tested during this time the next time I be connected to WhatsApp.

Join Missed Group Calls:

There are many video calling apps out there that you can use to join group calls in progress. This function is not yet available in WhatsApp. After introducing this feature, users can connect to the ongoing group call.

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