Explained: What raw material does India need from the USA for the corona vaccine?

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Many types of raw materials are needed in the country for the rapid manufacture of the coronavirus vaccine (raw material for the manufacture of the coronavirus vaccine), but the US has sought help from the restrictions imposed by the president from the United States comes Joe Biden. the way.

At present, India has great problems with the crown epidemic. In such cases, vaccination is the only solution as soon as possible. However, it is not easy to immediately gather raw materials for vaccinating such a large population. to the Indian call to lift the ban on the raw materials required for the vaccine. At first he refused to call it America First. Now the United States seems ready, but there is no clear approval for the aid.

Where is america first In the era of Corona, when the country tries to defeat the human enemy by forgetting about enmity, the United States refused direct aid even after being friends with India. its citizens.

India had helped the United States, this problem occurred when India helped the United States in the worst part of the epidemic, then India sent him a large amount of hydroxychloroquine, now it is up to America to help him in the crisis India. In the past, the United States has recently accepted that it will help India in all ways


coronavirus vaccine raw material America

What kind of ban is that?

At the beginning of this year, under the US Defense Production Act, Biden decided to stop exporting all goods essential for the corona vaccine. This law, which was established in 1950, was first enacted during the Korean War in order to maintain medical care for the military. It gradually expanded from the army to natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other national disasters.

What can the president do?

Under the law, the president has the power to determine import and export rules for one thing or many things, and can give orders to private and government industries in this regard. The president can also order a particular item to be produced quickly so that the disaster can be controlled.

With the introduction of Corona in late 2019, then-President of the United States, Donald Trump, was working on that bill, asking to increase the number of ventilators in the country and reduce shipping of medical supplies after his arrival in power from it in January . Year Biden gave a new extension to the law, calling for the production of medical supplies to be increased.

coronavirus vaccine raw material

There was a sharp drop in medical exports, this law clearly had an impact on imports, and American companies began cutting medical supplies to other countries. The report of this effect in the Indian Express was quoted by the Financial Times. The need for rapid vaccine production in India, the effect of this American law, is seen as a lack of raw materials. So India seeks American help for raw materials.

What is the raw material for the vaccine?

The factory that makes the vaccine makes around 9,000 different types of materials. This report has reached the World Trade Organization. These products come from 300 suppliers in 30 different countries. India, but with almost all of the countries that make the vaccine.

It contains many other things.

The raw materials include many things like mRNAs, inactivated viral vectors, protein subunits, and devices. In addition, things like plastic bags, filters and cell cultures. Funding is required to manufacture the corona vaccine. Due to the export of these things to America, the production of corona vaccines like Kovishield and Kovaxin in India may now be affected.

The Impact of US Law on India

itself In March, Bharat Biotech President Dr. Krishna Alla, in connection with cocaine, that the capacity of vaccine manufacturers will be affected by the US ban. What raw material is missing and whether it also affects covicin?

So is the United States

the only producer of raw materials? No, besides the United States, many countries in Europe are also manufacturers, but the United States is the largest manufacturer of many things that are useful in making vaccines, such as plastics and many kinds of reagents. Other than that, the filter needed to purify the protein also makes America.

Can’t get the product from other countries? The raw material for the vaccine is made in countries like Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Italy, but not so much that India is working with them. Manufacturers from these countries, but due to the already increased demand due to the epidemic, these companies are poorly engaged and unable to meet more demand.

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