Delhi: RAGE in Delhi and central government over oxygen, center court said: Kejriwal government intensified crisis

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The oxygen crisis in Delhi is worsening day by day. Meanwhile, disputes between the state and the central government have started. At the High Court of Delhi, the AAP government has blamed the central government for the lack of oxygen and the center also received a strong counter-attack.

New Delhi: The corona virus caused a sensation in the country’s capital, Delhi. In the meantime, together with the Corona and ICU beds, the Delhi Oxygen Crisis is worsening. Meanwhile, the patchwork has started in the state government and the government of Arvind Kejriwal said in front of the Delhi Supreme Court on Saturday that the oxygen crisis arose because of the central government. Thereafter, the central government brought the Delhi government to justice.

Prosecutor General Tushar Mehta, who defended the central government before the Delhi Supreme Court, said the cause of the oxygen starvation in Delhi was the state government because it failed to properly manage the oxygen supply but also failed to organize the tankers.

Additionally, the Delhi government told the court that it received 309 tons of medical oxygen on Friday, compared to the 480 tons of oxygen allocated to the state capital, which is the main driver behind the urban oxygen crisis. Hospitals.

The Delhi Supreme Court ruled Saturday that the Delhi Supreme Court has instructed the Delhi center and government to coordinate the issue of providing medical oxygen to hospitals treating patients with covid-19, stating that the citizens do not have to die. The Supreme Court said Saturday if an official from the center, state or local government causes an oxygen supply bottleneck, “we will hang this person.” The above comment came from the court of Judge Vipin Sanghi and Judge Rekha Palli during the hearing on a petition at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital. The hospital has moved the court due to lack of oxygen for seriously ill covid patients.

Please tell that a maximum of 357 people died in one day and more than 24,000 new cases of infection were reported due to the corona virus infection in Delhi. This information was published in the Delhi Ministry of Health bulletin on Saturday. The infection rate in humans is 32.27 percent.According to the past 24 hours, the number of trials in Delhi is approaching one lakh. In the state capital, 93,080 cases are brought to court. 22,695 patients have recovered from the infection, an additional 74,702 samples were analyzed and 35,455 people were vaccinated with covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

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