Delhi News: 3 accused of black marketing of Remedesvir arrested and sold injection for 70 thousand

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Delhi Corona News: In the midst of the enormously growing Corona case, the demand for remedesvir is also increasing continuously and black marketing is also carried out in such a situation.

New Delhi: The situation has become very frightening due to the corona infection in Delhi (Delhi), the capital of the country. Thousands of people are newly infected and dozens of people die every day. It has also increased in the city. One injection of ramdesvir in particular sells for thousands of rupees. Delhi police have arrested three of these defendants who are blackmailing Remeddivir. 7 remadecivir injections were also salvaged from them. They sold a syringe for 70,000 rupees.

The three defendants were identified as Likha Gupta, Anuj Jain and Akash Verma. Likth and Anuj have a pharmacy in the Chandni Chowk area, while Akash is a jeweler.The police have registered a case against the three defendants. An investigation has also been launched to find out the other people involved in this fraud. Explain that as corona cases increased, so did the demand for ramadhesvir injections. In this situation, the people involved in black marketing sell the injections at very high prices.

The three accused have been identified as Likha Gupta, Anuj Jain and Akash Verma.

Please note that the Delhi Police Crime Department arrested three people on April 25 for black marketing of injection of remedesivir. This injection is useful for treating people infected with the coronavirus and is in great demand. In this regard, the official stated that the detained defendants were identified as Alok Tyagi, a resident of Kapoor, Uttar Pradesh, Abhishek of Ghaziabad, and Somel Gupta of Noida.┬áThe three were arrested on Sunday morning following the raids in the East Delhi’s Laxminagar area. According to the police, the defendants negotiated an injection of remedisvir for 40 lakhs.

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