Delhi Lockdown extended: Uncontrollable crown in Delhi, Kejriwal government Lockdown extended by one week

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Lockdown in Delhi extended: The government of Arvind Kejriwal has extended the Lockdown in Delhi by a week. A six-day lockdown was previously imposed, which was set at 5 a.m. on April 26.

New Delhi The situation is worrying due to the corona virus infection in the state capital. In the meantime, Arvind Kejriwal’s government has extended the lockdown by a week. CM Kejriwal said Corona continues to cause serious damage in Delhi.Because of this, Delhi. Lockdown Extended runs until 5 a.m. next Monday.

Explain that the government had previously imposed a six-day prison sentence in Delhi due to the uncontrollable situation in Corona, which stayed until 5 a.m. on April 26. At this point, the CM announced that we would take these measures. During this time, he appealed to people not to leave Delhi in a panic. I am with you and I will take care of it completely.

The CM said this during this time, the Chief Minister of Delhi said: During the lockdown we saw the positivity rate was 36-37 percent, we have not seen such an infection rate in Delhi before. The infection rate has dropped slightly in the last day or two and is now 30 percent.

Big statement on oxygen Right now there is a lot of fuss in Delhi about the lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, the CM in Delhi said that 700 tons of oxygen are needed in Delhi. We received 480 tons of oxygen from the facility. Government and tomorrow the central government has provided 10 more tons. Now Delhi has been allocated 490 tons of oxygen, but even that full allocation will not reach Delhi. Tomorrow 330-335 tons of oxygen will have arrived in Delhi. He said we had created a portal for oxygen management. Everyone from the manufacturer to the hospital has to report their oxygen status every two hours. There is a lot of support from the central government, the central government and Delhi work. With that, he said, we will have to observe the situation for a few more days, things will decrease or increase.

More than 24,000 new cases of infection were reported in Delhi on Saturday, with a record one-day death from coronavirus infection, with the highest number of deaths in a single day being 357. In Delhi, the detection rate of infected people was 32.27 percent.At the same time, according to the data for the past 24 hours, the number of cases treated in Delhi is approaching one lakh. 93,080 cases are being processed in the state capital. According to the bulletin, 22,695 patients have recovered from the disease. In addition, 74,702 samples were analyzed in the last 24 hours and 35,455 people were vaccinated with covid-19.

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