Delhi Corona Update: Record of Deaths from Corona in Delhi Broken, 448 killed in 24 Hours.

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Delhi Corona News: Since today, the coronavirus situation in Delhi has improved, but the death toll is high. The numbers released in Delhi over the past 24 hours can be called somewhat the last 24 Hours, 18,043 new cases of corona were reported and 448 people have died.

New Delhi Delhi’s coronvirus status has improved somewhat compared to today, but the death toll is alarming. The numbers released in Delhi over the past 24 hours can be described as somewhat satisfactory. 18,043 new cases of corona were reported and 448 people died. Now the number of actively infected patients in Delhi has risen to 89,592. 20,293 people have been laid off in the past 24 hours. Currently, 50,441 people are being treated in domestic isolation in Delhi while a total of 61,045 samples have been corona tested in Delhi in the past 24 hours, while the death rate has now reached 1.44%. It started going down on Sunday and on Monday the positivity rate was 29 too.56% Corona’s speed in Delhi is somewhat under control.

Let me tell you that the new Corona case in Delhi fell on Sunday but the death toll has surpassed 400 continuously for the past few days. For the first time in the past two weeks, the positivity rate has decreased. up to 30 percent on Sunday. The positivity rate on Sunday was 28.33%.Since the lockdown, this is the first time the positive rate has fallen below 30%. However, last Sunday, 407 people died from the infection.

CM has a constant review meeting on Kovid.

On Monday, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal (Arvind Kejriwal) held a review meeting at the Delhi Secretariat to further strengthen the Home isolation system. Meanwhile, the prime minister instructed officials to make home isolation more effective. .CM Arvind Kejriwal ordered that a clear protocol be kept of the crown examination that takes place every day in Delhi. The register should show how many people are hospitalized and how many people are being treated in isolation at home.

The government has issued strict instructions for house isolation in Delhi.

CM has also mandated that individuals undergoing treatment in isolation must come to a medical call within 24 hours so that their counseling can begin soon. The oximeter should be shipped with the kit immediately.

The officials provided the Prime Minister with detailed information about the facilities made available to people treated in domestic isolation. Officials said that patients treated in isolation at home are well cared for and their health is monitored at all times.


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