COVID-19 in India: Corona corruption! More than 3.50 lakh cases, found within 24 hours, succumbed to 3,071 patients

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Corona cases in India:

Corona provided some relief on Sunday. In the past 24 hours, 300,000 of the 500,000 ,598 new patients appeared in the country.In the past 24 hours, 2 lakh 79,882 patients have recovered and gone home.

Coronavirus outbreak in India Last update:

The second wave of Corona caused a sensation in the country. In the past 12 days, more than 3 lakh cases have been continuously reported, while that number of Corona exceeded four lakh one day.Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, it eased on Sunday, with 300,000 cases of 500,000 598 coronavirus patients across the country, and 3,071 deaths during this period.


According to him, in the past 24 hours, 2 lakh 79,882 patients have recovered and gone home. With the arrival of new patients, the total number of infected patients will now reach around two million rupees. in the country, the state of infection is still the most serious. According to the Ministry of Health, the infection rate in 150 districts is over 15 percent, while the infection rate in 250 districts is between 10 and 15 percent.

In Maharashtra, 56,647 new cases of covid-19 were reported and 669 more people died on Sunday. According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of infected people has risen to 47,22,401 and the number of deaths has increased. it rose to 70,284 with new cases. 51,356 patients have been discharged from hospitals in the past 24 hours. There are 6,68,353 under-treated patients in the state, while 39,81,658 people have recovered from the infection to date.

For the first time in 2 weeks the positivity rate fell below 30 percent, 407 deaths per corona in 24 hours 3,672 new cases of corona in Mumbai, 3,672 new cases of Covid-19 in Mumbai Number of infected 6, 56,204 in that period, due to death of In 79 other patients, the number of deaths rose to 13,330

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said in a statement that 57,342 patients were neglected in Mumbai. 28,636 samples were tried in the last 24 hours

97 dead in Corona in Bihar, Sushil Modis’ brother also died 

97 people died in 24 hours in Bihar within 24 hours, including the former Senior Vice Minister of Kovid-19 and the younger brother of BJP member Rajya Sabha, Sushil Modi. The total number of infected rose to 4,97,640 after 13,534 cases of infection were reported. Shushil Modi’s younger brother, Ashok Kumar Modi, 65, died in a hospital in Patna while receiving treatment for a corona infection.

In Uttar Pradesh, 290 patients died of the coronavirus on Sunday and 30,983 new patients were found. So far, 13,162 infected people have died in the state. With the admission of 30,983 new patients in the state, the total number of cases rose to 13,13,361. Compared with the newly infected population in the state, the number of patients who cleared the infection after treatment has increased. In the past 24 hours, 36,650 infected people recovered from the infection, while the number of infected people was 30,983. In the state.

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