Coronavirus: How long does the protection against Corona last after taking both vaccine doses?

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There are many coronavirus vaccines in the world these days, but the question remains, how long will this vaccine protect against the coronavirus vaccine?

New DelhiIt has been more than a year since India cleared the coronavirus pandemic. The country is still struggling with the second wave of COVID-19 (COVID-19 2nd wave). In the new case of For, new records are set every day. For this reason, the number of active cases has increased enormously. To prevent corona infection, the covid vaccine was started in several countries around the world only last year. There are many corona vaccines in the world today. However, the question remains on people’s minds, how long does this vaccine protect against the coronavirus vaccine?

According to experts, it’s hard to tell at the moment as studies are being carried out on people who have taken and are watching the dose of the corona vaccine. You can determine how long the vaccine may be safe to use. University of Washington vaccine researcher Debra Fuller says, “We only have information while research is being done on the vaccine.” We need to study the people who received the vaccine and find out at what level people can fall victim to the virus again.

So far, Pfizer’s ongoing tests show that the company’s two-dose vaccine is very effective – that is, for at least six months.¬†Fuller researchers reported that six months after the second dose of the Moderna vaccine Crown. It was found that antibodies are elevated in all groups of people.

Antibodies don’t tell the whole story either. She says: Our immune system is also the second level of security to fend off attackers such as viruses known as B and T cells. If faced with the same virus in the future, the bout’s proven sales could potentially soar. faster, even if they don’t completely stop the disease, but they can help alleviate its severity. But what role do memory cells play with the coronavirus and for how long? a stranger.

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