Corona Vaccination: Corona Vaccine will be Applied to MP’s 18+ From Today, the Target is to give 1.48 Lakh Doses in 10 Days.

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Corona vaccination at MP: In Madhya Pradesh, work to provide more than 18 people with the corona vaccine begins today. According to CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the goal is to give a dose of 1.48 lakh within ten days.

Bhopal: After a long wait in Madhya Pradesh, the corona vaccination for people over 18 starts today. From 18 to 44 years. Although vaccination for those over 18 was supposed to start on May 1st in Madhya Pradesh, it could not start due to a lack of vaccines.

In Bhopal, only one center was activated for 18+, while on the first day only 100 people of the 18 pluses who register for the first time will receive the first dose of the vaccine, for which a vaccination center has been set up for Naveen Kanya Vidyalaya, Tulsinagar. Please inform us that the vaccination of 18+ will be carried out in a single center on the first and second day in Bhopal. After that, preparations will be made to increase more centers while vaccinating more than 60 vaccination centers in Bhopal. at the age of 45 the center is being built here in Jabalpur.

In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, guidelines for vaccination for more than 18 people have been issued to date. While vaccinations begin on Hitkarini College campus. Only registered people get the vaccine here and they have not received any messages, they have to wait. Doubts have been expressed that only 100 people will be vaccinated in a day. The vaccination will take place at Jairogya Hospital in Gwalior.

Apart from that, as of today, people aged 18 to 44 will also be vaccinated in Gwalior, for whom the Jairogya hospital was selected. 100 people identified in the register will be vaccinated. The district is 10 lakh. In addition, the district has been vaccinated for over 45 years at 79 centers. The program will continue subject to the availability of the vaccine.

In Madhya Pradesh, a program has been set up to apply 1 lakh 48,000 doses in a total of 1,480 sessions from May 5-15, while aiming for 41,600 doses in 416 sessions on May 8-10. 96,000 doses will be applied in 960 sessions on May 12th, 13th and 15th. In Madhya Pradesh 5 crore 19 lakh vaccines are needed. 4 crore 76 lakh Kovishield vaccines, 52 lakh 25 thousand doses of Kovaxin were ordered from the Serum Institute. The vaccination program will continue depending on the availability of the vaccine. Vaccination starts on May 5th instead of May 1st.


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