Congress Leader Writes To Joe Biden Expressing Considerations above Rising Hate Crimes Against Sikhs

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Eight people, including 4 members of this Sikh community, a few of whom had been females, had been killed in a mass shooting at a FedEx spot in Indianapolis.

Considering last week’s Indianapolis shooting, senior Congress chief Manish Tewari has already written to US President Joe Biden expressing worry within the”increase” in hate crimes against Sikhs in the united states, saying it’s reverberated across the entire community both in India as well as the diaspora.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is ironic however Should Be flagged the wake of the tragedy saw a Increase in hate crimes concentrating on the Sikh community,”” Tewari explained in a letter to Biden which had been delivered into the White House on Wednesday.

The Congress chief expressed”deepest condolences” for the aggrieved groups of this”horrific and dastardly” tragedy at Indianapolis.

”I represent the constituency of all Sri Anandpur Sahib at the Indian Parliament. This constituency Can Be located at the country of Punjab situated at the Northwest of India. Punjab could be the spiritual and natural home of numerous Sikhs who reside on earth,” he said.

“This regrettable outrage at Indianapolis has reverberated across the entire community in India and that the diaspora. This catastrophe was particular for me personally since it had been at Sri Anandpur Sahib the Sikh religion was dedicated around the 13th of April 1699,” composed that the Congress chief.

Tewari emphasized the August 2012 strike on the Sikh temple at Oak Creek at Wisconsin which claimed 7 lives.

“May I for those over two thousand people that I represent and the nation which the area predicts its organic house, appeal to your good self to advise each of US state governors and mayors to attempt to ensure that members of their Sikh faith are safeguarded from these gut-wrenching and entirely senseless attacks,” Tewari wrote.\

Noting that the Sikh community is”extremely altruistic”,” Tewari claimed:”Most recently this spirit of selflessness was evidenced once again when the Sikh group of nyc functioned food for medical care staff, Covid influenced patients as the city was ravaged and struggling to cope with rising cases of Covid-19.

“It’s integral to the Sikh ethos to function all those that want to get functioned de-prioritising one’s own needs for the increased good of culture ” the Congress chief wrote.


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