Clean fruits and vegetables like this one during the corona time. Think about these things

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Sanitizing vegetables and fruits: Under current conditions in the country, there may be a risk of coronavirus for everyday necessities. In addition, the person who gives them all can become infected with the coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak has spread across the country and right now people are being asked to wear masks, accept social distancing, and use hand sanitizer. At the same time, the government is urging people to stay home. In many places, people can only leave their homes to buy basic groceries. When people keep their distance from people, they move out of the house to buy things like fruit, vegetables, rations, and milk. The question, however, is whether these things can’t get the coronavirus into your home.

The current state of the country may pose a risk of coronavirus due to daily needs. That being said, the person who transmits them can get infected with the coronavirus. In a situation where you need to bring these things home, it is very important to clean them up. So let’s give you some tips of this kind to help you properly clean the outside fruits and vegetables you bring in.

How To clean

fruits and vegetables during the Corona period, wash fruits and vegetables one by one by putting them in a large saucepan with water. You can also wash it individually by holding it under the tap.

  • Put water in a container and mix a tablespoon of salt and a little soda to eat in it. Now dip the fruits and vegetables in them and clean them well.
  • Whatever fruits and vegetables to use after removing the skin, also wash them well with the peel in water –
  • wash the package well with water before using the milk extracted from the package.
  • Do not break milk sacks or packs with your mouth or teeth.
  • Wash meat and fish well and cook over high heat. Heat and eat.
  • Keep raw foods and cooked foods separate in the refrigerator.
  • Try to cut down on your intake of things, including scrubs, or cook and eat them right.

We recommend that you never use chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, or disinfectants to wash fruits and vegetables. Also, do not use soapy water or detergents to clean fruits and vegetables, as these can be dangerous to humans and make you seriously ill. Disclaimer: The information and information in this article are based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm it. Consult with the relevant expert before implementing it.)

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