China has added more space missions to its space ambitions, you know what it is

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China has been working on an ambitious campaign to get to the top in space exploration, but this time it has started working on a campaign like the asteroid defense system.

The struggle for supremacy between China and the United States is not hidden from anyone. Having become a major economic superpower, China is now trying to compete with the United States on space issues as well. Now China is also considering developing a defense mechanism for low-earth objects. This is also considering conducting a space expedition in which a spaceship lands on the asteroid, collects samples from there, drops them on the earth and heads for other asteroids or comets.

Expand ambitions: China will now discuss building defense mechanisms for asteroids approaching Earth. Recently, a senior official from China’s China National Space Administration (CNSA) gave this information. It is clear that China now wants to expand its space ambitions.

ChinaCNSA head Zhang Kejian spoke at the opening ceremony of China Space Day in this east China city of Nanjing, but did not elaborate on it. In recent years, China has achieved great and special successes in space. Roverlander and orbiter together on Mars and bring soil samples from humans without humans, which no country has been able to do before.

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These big plans are currently being worked on. China is currently preparing to build its own international space station in space. He has agreed with Russia to set up an international research station on the moon, and both have started working on it. He is also experimenting with rockets that can be used over and over again.

Shifting Priorities China recently changed its space exploration priorities and set a goal of setting up a program to conduct thousands of space flights a year by 2025, which can release millions of tons of cargo and passengers into space.

China, CNSA, NEO, Near Earth Objects, Asteroids, Comet, Space Station, Moon, Space Research, Asteroid Defense System

Last year, ESA and NASA signed a joint project with the European Space Agency worth 15.6 million US dollars for the US space agency to change the direction of the asteroids towards Earth. NASA has already monitored the small objects that are approaching the earth beneath the near-earth object. Program.


China is preparing an expedition in which a spaceship lands on asteroids, collects samples from them and then drops these samples to earth via capsules and continues with the next mission. It will be just like the Hayabusha campaign from Japan.

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