Can I get a payment gateway with my Bitcoin merchant account?Know who can Accepts Bitcoin?also know What are the Bitcoin Merchant account fees?

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Each merchant account provided by Instabill contains a payment gateway provided by the approving bank.Instabills Trusted Banking Partners provide a secure payment gateway for all transactions that approve the connection of bank APIs to your website.

Who Can accept Bitcoin?

The list of companies that accept and offer Bitcoin payment processing is growing from week to week. It’s further proof that virtual currency will stay here. There are a number of small companies around the world that accept bitcoins, but the big companies follow suit. was the first major underground retailer to realize this, and others followed including Virgin Galactic, Tiger Direct, and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, to name a few.

  1. Amazon
  2. Chicago Sun Times
  3. Dish Network
  4. K-Mart
  5. Microsoft
  6. OK Cupid
  7. Sacramento Kings
  8. Target
  9. Tiger Direct
  10. University of Cumbria
  11. Virgin Galactic
  12. WordPress
  13. Zappos
  14. Whole Foods
  15. Victoria’s Secret
  16. University of Nicosia
  17. Tesla
  18. Sears
  20. MIT Coop Store
  21. Las Vegas Casinos
  22. eBay/PayPal
  23. CVS
  24. Bloomberg

What Are Bitcoin merchant account fees?

Instabill fees depend on several factors, such as: merchant’s the processing history , the type of industry (high risk or low risk) and / or the forecast sales volume. every merchant account is unique, but typical Bitcoin merchant fees are:

  • Merchant Discount Rate
  • Monthly Statement Fee
  • Per Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Gateway Fee
  • Chargeback Fee
  • Six-Month Rolling Reserve
  • Refund Fee

Merchant accounts for bitcoin mining hardware

Many hardcore bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are also bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners. The mining process is carried out using specific software that solves complex mathematical equations and leads to the creation of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a limited currency that is believed to be capped at 21 million bitcoins, only half of which have been released and are in circulation. The more bitcoins that come into circulation, the more difficult it is to mine. In addition, advances in mining techniques are also being made.


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