Biden’s order: All assistance should be given to India, which is struggling with the corona crisis

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US President Joe Biden has instructed his government to provide all assistance to India, which is struggling with the Corona crisis.

United States President Joe Biden has directed his administration to provide all assistance to India, struggling with the Crown Crisis, while reassuring him that the United States will stand shoulder to shoulder with India. The countries have passed this information on to the PTI news agency. Biden sent two of his top officials here to Dulce Airport on Friday evening, from where another flight was dispatched to India with the supplies necessary for vaccine production, including oxygen bottles. , N95 masks and filters. Let me tell you that two US Air Force planes have landed in India in the past two days.

“Biden told us to support India,” said veteran diplomat Kurt Campbell, who led Biden’s policy in Asia. Campbell traveled with Biden during his trip to Georgia for Air Force One after he returned.Campbell said that he and his colleague Sumon Guha, chief director of South Asia, have received materials supporting COVID-19 from the president. India’s Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, told reporters at Dales Airport, “The entire government, including US President Joe Biden, has spoken to stand shoulder to shoulder with India.We really appreciate it. Sandhu also praised India for the bipartisan support of U.S. congressmen and senators.

Sandhu said: “The unity of the American people and the Indian people is highly valued and appreciated.. They are known for it too. I am confident that friends and partners like the United States of America will take up this challenge with the support of. By the grace of God, we will leave here. From the airport before leaving for India, Campbell said:” The president would like to that we are sending relief supplies to India today. ”He also praised the tireless efforts of the Indian Ambassador Sandhu.

While Campbell said last week the Prime Minister’s call to Narendra Modi made it clear to Biden that India and the United States were one of the first countries to come to the rescue in May last year when Americans were suffering from the epidemic. India has committed itself to us. This time the United States government, the private sector here, has shown no lack of support either. “He said,” The coordination that we are doing is the most important result of supporting those who I have never seen in the business world. We are trying to bring India into the status quo.We know this will be a long journey. “

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