Benefits of Coronavirus Health Insurance. What covered & not covered in Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy?

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Coronavirus health insurance plans offer a wide range of benefits. Aside from the coverage, which includes hospital stays, pre and post hospital costs, one of the benefits these plans offer is the convenience of the premium. You don’t have to keep paying your health insurance premiums for life.

In addition to a Corona Kavach policy or a Corona Rakshak policy, regular health insurance is essential to improve insurance coverage. then the bonus without entitlement to the existing health insurance has no direct impact on it.

What Covered under Corona virus Health Insurance Policy?

Coronavirus health insurance policies provide coverage for the following medical expenses:

  • Hospital Expenses: Coronavirus health insurance policies cover hospital expenses derived from COVID-19 if they exceed 24 hours.
  • Quarantine Coverage: The COVID-19 health insurance policy also covers policyholders who are quarantined by authorized government agencies.
  • Additional Coverage: Some coronavirus specific health insurances, such as that offered by Go Digit General Insurance Ltd, provide additional coverage that the Insured can choose by paying an additional premium. alternative treatment (AYUSH), maternity benefit with newborn insurance, etc.

What Not-Covered under Corona virus Health Insurance Policy?

Coronavirus health insurance does not cover the following medical costs:

  • Home quarantine : Home expenses incurred during the quarantine period are not covered by certain COVID-19 health insurance policies.
  • Unrecognized quarantine: Medical expenses incurred if the insured person is in quarantine. Unrecognized facilities for the treatment of COVID-19 are not insured.
  • Pre-existing illnesses: Expenses from the treatment of existing illnesses are only covered after the waiting period has expired.
  • Doctor’s Recommendation: If the insured is admitted to hospital without the recommendation of a qualified doctor as indicated in the prescription, he will not be covered for the costs resulting from the treatment.


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